Friday, September 22, 2023

Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ Opens At Market Market


Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ Opens At Market Market

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And now another yummy restaurant from our friends from Jinjoo … MR. KOREA UNLIMITED BBQ is Now OPEN! Bring in 3 of your paying friends so you can get the fourth person to eat for only Php 5 from July 28 to July 30! You just divide it amongst yourselves.

And now for our F.A.B. review!


Enjoy UNLIMITED Pork and Beef Meat, side dishes, rice and refillable drinks!

Or you can add Php 50 for an additional UNLIMITED KOREAN HOT POT!

Enjoy 14 kinds of pork and beef for only Php 499 for lunch Php 549 for dinner! Add P50 only for hot pot!

🐽 Unli 7 flavors of pork

🐮Unli 7 flavors of beef

🧀 Unli Cheese

🥣 Unli Side Dishes

🍚 Unli Rice
🥤 Refillable Drinks

The food here tastes high-quality and flavorful but the only catch is you can order 2 meats at a time and tou can only eat for 2 hours.

I understand they should think of gimmicks for a fast customer turnover due to the small space, but this might be kinda off-putting to some but come to think of it, this would prevent over-ordering and food spoilage. For the 2 hour-limit, it might be just enough for some people to enjoy their unlimited meat, though it prevents loungingaround or chit-chatting with your friends while eating.


Love the millenial vibes of this restaurant because of the neon lights cum cool wall art.

The place is quite small but spacious enough for the number of tables and chairs.


The default mode of the servers is to help you with your grilling and I love it. Though, you may request that you be left alone and enjoy the grilling by yourselves. The servers are fast to get your orders and the meats came fast after ordering them.

LOCATION: G/F C5 Wing, Market Market, Taguig City

To know more about Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ, follow them on their social media accounts:

FACEBOOK: Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ

INSTAGRAM: @mrkoreamnl

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