Have a fun lovely day with lolo and lola at Araneta City

The City of Firsts celebrates Grandparents’ Day with various fun and enriching activities for all ages

It’s time to celebrate our lolos and lolas this September 11! To make this year’s Grandparents’ Day lovelier and more special, Araneta City has prepared a variety of activities that grandpa and grandma — and even the whole family — will enjoy.

The City of Firsts has prepared different activities that will promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our much beloved lolos and lolas. Check out the free medical check-ups for senior citizens courtesy of Makati Medical Center, The Medical City Clinic, and Keralty Clinic. Their booths will be at the activity areas of Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and Farmers Plaza. Your old folks can talk to onsite doctors for a basic consultation, and have their eyes or ears checked. Their blood pressure can also be checked by medical professionals who’ll be manning the booths.

Lolo and lola can also take part in a fitness Zumba activity with Slimmers World at Ali Mall. Groovy grandparents may also opt to just dance their way to better health with a basic ballroom tutorial also happening in Ali Mall.

For those with a green thumb or those aspiring to have one, a basic home gardening and plant care session will take place at Gateway Mall. Meanwhile, grandparents who want to venture into art can pick up a new skill with a free basic live sketching workshop also at the Gateway Mall Activity Area.

To keep a memento of this special day with our beloved grandparents, Araneta City has set up a Vintage Photobooth at Gateway Mall and free live caricature at Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza.

“Our grandparents are very special to us. Aside from our parents, they are some of the people who have contributed greatly to shaping who we are today. And it’s time we give back, which is why we’ve designed many activities that are meant to bring joy to the hearts of our lolos and lolas,” Marjorie Go, AVP for Marketing of Araneta City, said.

Aside from these fun activities, there are also exciting promos for our beloved old folks at the City of Firsts.  Is your lolo a crooner or your lola a chanteuse? Maybe it's time you form a duo with them and test their singing prowess in Araneta City’s Grand Duet Singing Contest at Farmers Plaza. Interested parties can pre-register and get in touch with the Barangay Socorro Seniors Society.

Netizens can also flex how beautiful or handsome your grandparents are on TikTok. Just post a picture of when they were younger on your TikTok account and tag Araneta City. Who knows, you may get lucky and win some exciting prizes!

And after all the fun you’ve had with lolo and lola, it’s time to dine out and enjoy some good food at Food Express, Food Plaza, Food Gallery, or Dampa! For every purchase worth ₱350 in single or accumulated receipts, you’ll get a free Coca-Cola umbrella!

“We’ve made Grandparents’ Day extra special for our lolos and lolas here at Araneta City, so come visit and spend some quality time with them here in the City of Firsts,” Go said.