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NOW OPEN! ARKIPELAGO: Art, Eat, Play & Go!


NOW OPEN! ARKIPELAGO: Art, Eat, Play & Go!

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It was supposedly just one of the night outs with the barkada. 7 persons intended to enjoy a weekend night of drinking and catching up before the holidays. But of course, there is always that ‘blank canvas’ inviting most of them to stay in and just continue their “drawing”. Kulayan natin next time friends ang mga drawing! So, 7 became 3! But fortunately, it was also an opening of a new food park that boasts itself as one diverse and unique dining destination in the heart of makati so the remaining 3 of us decided to try out this new foodie place named ARKIPELAGO.

The clean and roomy place at Arkipelago

We learned that their name, “ARKIPELAGO” is a play on words that describe what they are all about, Art, Eat, Play and Go and we knew why these are the words that best described this place as we have experienced this for ourselves. We had a tour of what’s inside Arkipelago.
What is there to find in Arkipelago?


We were amazed on how Arkipelago can be a haven for artists where they can showcase their different art forms. Mano at Makina Art Gallery is a place for artists to exhibit their works of art created by hand or by machine such as paintings and sculptures. While Upper Ground would be the perfect venue to showcase different products for profit, next to is a shop for hard-to-find sneakers, Black Sheep Project. And of course, there is the Arkipelago stage for those talented individuals who would like to share their talent to an audience. We were lucky that night to have DJ Hazel and DJ JC Tevez, RX 93.1 Monster Jocks to host Arkipelago’s opening day.


We came here to eat and this park did not dissapoint!

Many different food choices at Arkipelago

This park boasts of different local and international cuisines having at least 20 food stalls that serve Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean, American, European among others. We were in for a treat as the different food concessionaires brought in their specialties for us to taste, truly an amazing gastronomic experience!

  • Kambingan ni Apong – where you can have a fill of the best-loved and best-tasting kambing/goat dishes plus other home-grown Filipino dishes. We love their papaitan and their yummy sisig!
  • Lako Street Food – for your isaw, betamax, helmet, adidas, balingit, atay ng baboy
  • Para Jeepney Kitchen – a fast casual food concept that serves comfort dishes with Filipino flair
  • The Goto Kitchen – Filipino comfort food of arroz caldo, goto, tokwa’t baby etc.
  • Marination (BBQ Grill) – for the love of barbecues, pork chops and ribs
Pork Belly
Pork Belly from Marination
  • Lasap – if you love Sisig Rice, Pinatisang Baka, Bagnet, Fried Ribs Binagoongan & more
  • The Hometown Grill Manukan  – If you’ve been to Bacolod & loved the food or you’re from Bacolod and miss the food, or if you’ve never been to Bacolod, Hometown Grill is what you’re craving for!
Grilled Chicken
Yummy grilled chicken from the HomeTown Grill Manukan
  • Golden Estero – Dampa Style Restaurant that serves a deliciously mean fried chicken and even fresh and live seafood
Fried Crabs
Fried Crabs in Salted Egg from Golden Estero
  • Miss Umami Japanese Takeouts – serves on-the-go Japanese delicacies, we love their. We are crazy for their ‘Someone to Lava’ maki! Definitely a must-try!
Someone to Lava
Someone to Lava from Miss Umami
Quesadillas stuffed silly with mexi blend cheese, roasted tomato salsa, and steak
  • Pako’s – serves Shawarmita’s, wings and fries
Black Dog
The long line at Black Dog when they had a discount on some alcoholic drinks
  • The Healthy Hairstylist (Fruit Juices) – indulge yourself with their healthy and delicious drinks
  • The Fridge – for your refreshments and beverages
  • Stuff It! Burgers – we were served Couch Potato, Crazy Con Carne, The Smoke Out and the Hawaiian Escape (my fave
Stuff It! Burgers
The four yummy burgers at Stuff It! Burgers

@gastronomida enjoying the dessert 🙂

@heyimapol enjoying the milkshake

  • Pausenbrot – German Comfort Food of yummy sausages and Pork Schnitzel

and so many other FOOD… so come and try the great food here!


Not into shopping, eating, drinking (omg I can’t believe who doesn’t love this)? Then the Game Detective may be the one for you. This place provides beloved Kickstarters and special order board games and board game accessories from all over the world for the young and the young-at-heart. Enjpy a unique gaming experience with experts to guide you and who knows you might find a specialty game suited for you. Have a game you’re looking for? Not available here in the tropical PH? Game Detective will find it for you!

Bloggers @ Play! @heyimapol, @thefoodadvenchers, @konyoqueen

Card Game
The New Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato Card Game


Retail therapy, food cravings, a night of carefree drinking (hello! still within your limits ha!) and bonding night with friends? This is the right place to go to if you are the type of person who would like to have different activities in one night. This place can satisfy whatever your needs are for a great hangout place.

AddressBagtikan Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63 2) 817-8335
Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11 AM to 12 AM
Friday to Saturday: 11 AM to 2 AM
Facebook Page
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