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CALABARZON Chronicles: Discover #FaithTourism at the National Shrine of our Lady Of Sorrows in Dolores, Quezon

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Have you heard about Faith Tourism? Yes, it exists! Faith Tourism means to travel for religious or spiritual purposes, and the viewing of religious monuments and artifacts.
I experienced it first hand in this small town of Dolores, Quezon. A town nestled within the foot of Mount Banahaw, considered a sacred place where it is said to be a source of psychic energy, with numerous reported miraculous physical and spiritual healing.
Before the Holy Week, I was able to visit a National Shrine in Dolores, Quezon, the Parish and National Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows.


It is a National Shrine which means it is recognized as having special cultural, historical, and religious significance.
They have a “Via Dolorosa” Garden or Sorrowful Way stations showing the 7 Sorrows of Mary and the route believed to have been taken by Jesus through Jerusalem to Calvary.
The Via Dolorosa or the Painful/Sorrowful way which is the route believed to have been taken by Jesus through Jerusalem to Calvary
FIRST SORROW OF MARY: The Prophecy of Simeon
SECOND SORROW OF MARY: The Flight into Egypt
THIRD SORROW OF MARY: The loss of the Child Jesus in the temple
FOURTH SORROW OF MARY: The meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Way Of The Cross
FIFTH SORROW OF MARY: The Crucifixion of Jesus
SIXTH SORROW OF MARY: The taking down of The Body of Jesus from the cross
SEVENTH SORROW OF MARY: The burial of Jesus
It is one of the most visited in the Quezon Province due to the numerous miracles that were attributed to the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows of Dolores, Quezon.
Due to the numerous miracles it was granted the honor of Canonical Coronation.
Declared as the Patroness of Overseas Filipino Workers and their families.
They have a Bell Ringer for your prayer intentions. The sounds of the bells reminds us that God is with us every time even during our times of sorrow and grief.
Pangkuan rites held every First Friday of the month and experience “Turumba”, a dance praising the town’s patron saint. They are also known for the yearly “Viernes de Dolores” or the Friday of Sorrows.
Faith Tourism isn’t new but is quite a beautiful theme for most destinations since the time of pandemic where people want to be closer to something spiritual and experience rebirth of faith or renewal. Dolores Quezon may be a small province, but their Faith Tourism is big on their intentions, which is renewing and intensifying faith for all of us faithfuls.

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